Carol Hapanowicz

I am a local artist who grew up in Cuyahoga Falls and graduated from the University of Akron with a BA in Philosophy.  After marrying, I gave birth to two children, moved to a 32-acre farm in SE Indiana where I homeschooled my kids in a country setting, attended births in the hospital, and lived among the Amish of Indiana for 25 years.  My family and I returned to Northern Ohio to be closer to extended family.

Now it is possible for me to devote more time to painting. While I continue to paint and draw during my “working years,” my hope is to create works of art that inspire a feeling of the world coming into being and which evoke an echo of the Spiritual Life that connects us to each other and all life.

The Australian landscape Oil Painter, Colley Whisson and Indian Portrait/Figure Oil Painter has influenced my oils/acrylics. Watercolorists Janet Rogers (Portraits/Figures) and Joe Fettingis (all subjects) have both influenced my watercolors.

Nature and the Human Figure both inspire me to create paintings that are full of beauty, life and energy. My wish is to give those feelings to others.