Sandy Spinks

Mixed Media Artist

Art has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember, my Mother always being my biggest fan. After painting murals, airbrushing cars, motorcycles, boats, furniture and anything else I could, life took me down another avenue. After making a promise to my Momma (yes, I’m from the South!) to start creating art again, I started experimenting with painting on canvas, which was new to me. But with my big imagination, simply painting on canvas wasn’t enough, so I experimented with acrylic paint and layering techniques, adding a mixture of cement, molding paste, sandstone, sand, granite, plaster, rolled glass, crushed rock, seeds, sea glass, lava rock and a lot of imagination to take you on a trip in a spaceship to the moon or airplane trip around the world.

I hope you enjoy my Imagination on Canvas.