Sterling Silver Geode with Pearl Necklace

Sterling Silver Geode with Pearl Necklace

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Are you growing a garden of love? Then this handmade sterling silver Mini Thunder Egg Geode Seed of Love necklace is made for you! This unique little thunder egg is the focal for this necklace. It looks like a crystalline cave under the sea! It has lots of micro-druzy with a nickel nodule that looks like silver coral. A small freshwater pearl sits in the center of the nodule... very much like a pearl in the center of an oyster. This lovey is combined with a clear rock crystal gold-plated connector. The mixed sterling silver and gold plated metals and the druzy focal lend a mystical charm to this double pendant. The necklace is finished with a 20 inch sterling silver chain. This necklace was designed to be symbolic of planting a seed of love... envision that from the center of this druzy will spring a pure blossom of luminous pearly white love that will grow and flourish throughout your life. Energy follows thought so as you think loving thoughts, you will reap love. The sterling silver findings magnify the natural energy of the stones.

  • Materials: Sterling Silver, Geode, Pearl
  • Colors: Gold, Silver
  • Approx. Dimensions: 1.5" H x 1" W, Chain: 20" Long
  • Approx. Weight: 35 g

By: Kerri O'Connor

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