Labradorite & Peridot Necklace

Labradorite & Peridot Necklace

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Labradorite, peridot asymmetrical shadowbox necklace.

Labradorite is one of the few gemstones that exhibits the 'play-of-color' phenomena better than others; reds, blues, purples, yellows, and other colors dance before your eyes when you turn it in your fingers, but there is much more to learn about this uncommon jewel.

The Schiller effect, labradorescence, light interference, and lattice distortions are some of the scientific explanations for flashes of color in Labradorite gemstones, but the Inuit people of Labrador, Canada, explain it best by saying that the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis were trapped within Labradorite rocks.

Peridot is a greenish-yellow gemstone that ranges in hue from full green to green with hints of brown or yellow. Peridot is found in rocks that are low in silica, such as volcanic basalt and pallasitic meteorites. Peridot is one of only two gems known to have formed in molten upper mantle rock rather than the Earth's crust.

    • Materials: Labradorite, Peridot, .925
    • Color: Multicolored, Green, Blue, Silver
    • Approx. Dimensions: 1.50" W x .75" H, Chain: 18"
    • Approx. Weight: 20 grams

    By: Kate Wells

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