Sterling Copper Turquoise Ring
Sterling Copper Turquoise Ring

Sterling Copper Turquoise Ring

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A beautiful, Number 8 Mine Turquoise Teardrop cabochon is set in a scalloped bezel. This setting sets atop a copper base embossed with "Love" and "Amore" messages and a heart embossed sterling silver band. This ring is designed to symbolize a love of the healing arts. According to ancient lore, one of the primary mystical properties of Turquoise is that of a healing stone that works specifically with the immune system. This allows it's energies to work through the entire physical body. It is also reported to work with marital relationships, valor, and communication and the throat center. 

  • Materials: Sterling Silver, Copper, Turquoise 
  • Colors: Multi
  • Approx. Dimensions: Size 5.5 – 5.75
  • Approx. Weight: .5 oz

By: Kerri O'Connor

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