Hunting knife - Gut-hook blade
Hunting knife - Gut-hook blade

Hunting knife - Gut-hook blade

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Hunting knife with a gut-hook blade Damascus steel blade


Handle is made from Desert Ironwood from the Sonoran desert Arizona and parts of Mexico. 


Ironwood is dense and heavy, very hard Janka rating is 3260. Oak is 1220


This knife feels very solid, has nice heft and weight. Great knife!!


Thick saddle tan colored leather belt sheath with Viking runes embossment


Damascus steel is not "stainless steel", the color of the blade may vary. Blade is not dishwasher safe. Clean and dry promptly after use.


A knife needs to be cleaned and dried after use, If the blade does get a stain or rust-like spot, the blade can be oiled with a food safe mineral oil or any other oil. Apply, rub and wipe off


Size: Blade is 4 in. long, Knife is 9 in. long


Michael R. Peebles

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