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Featured Artist - Kim

About Kimberlee Forbes

In photography, I want to capture more than an image.  I try to catch the essence of the scene or subject, such as; the light at that time of day, the temperature, the season, the colors and tones, surrounding atmosphere, like mist, fog, wind, rain.  All the elements combined that creates that particular image and will provoke a feeling, memory, or reflection. 

Maybe you’ve been in the woods on a winter morning and watched the bare trees covered with frost.  There was snow on the ground and a cool foggy mist rising up around the trees like your breath.  It was overcast - kind of spooky, but kind of peaceful. You felt the cold on your face, and could actually smell the cold and the trees in the air. I want that photo to bring back those memories. Maybe you haven’t experienced this, then I would like that photo to help you imagine such a moment.  

Or, even something like a close-up of a waterdrop suspended from a flower petal waiting to fall. Can you see reflections of the surroundings in the drop?  Do you or did you wonder how long before it finally drops? 

A good photograph should stir up your senses, memories, and thoughts. To me, its purpose is to catch that exact moment and to keep it or bring it alive for the viewer. 


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