Ginny Mancini

I Have been intrigued by creativity all of my life and began painting and writing at an early age.  I studied art at Kent State University in the 70’s and became inspired by the French Impressionists who so beautifully captured their interpretation of the wonder of nature that surrounded them

In the late 90’s, I enrolled in a class with the amazing Erine Whitworth, who taught me how to harness my great love of nature and immortalize it on paper and canvas.  He encouraged me to get my work out there.  It was then that I began booking shows in local galleries.  This led to my involvement with the Lake County Creative Artist Association, of which I am still a member. 

I have studied under many wonderful local artists such as Bilie Richard and Jennifer Theil and also artists from New York, Pennsylvania and Florida. Server years ago, I Joined the SRQ Plein Air painting group in Sarasota, Florida. This group has introduced me to talented artists from all over the United States and Europe. 

I have participated in numerous shows and have been honored to win many awards. It has been a thrilling journey. My greatest joy is painting plein air, always striving to channel the emotions a particular scene evokes in me into a work of art.  I also create from home at Gul Cottage Studio located in Willoughby on the shore of Lake Erie and in my gardens, both a constant source of endless inspiration for me. 

The mediums I work in are oils, pastels and watercolor.