James Brown

James Brown is a fused glass and stained glass artist located in Westerville, OH. James said "although I grew up fascinated with art and hoped to pursue a career in the arts, things changed as I got older. The 1980's recession hit just as I was starting college. I was persuaded to pursue other options and ended up working with Information Technologies (yes, a computer geek). My wife was the one who helped me get back into art, she decided that I was bored and suggested that I take a class in stained glass back in 1993." He adds "I was hooked and started working with stained glass until 2003 and I took my first fused glass class. I continued to create both stained glass and fused glass art, but now that I am near the end of my IT career, I am starting to look for a second career as a fused glass artist."

In 2015 James decided to take glass fusing to the next level and start his own company. James ends with "I am still excited each and every time I open the kiln to see how the pieces turn out. It is fascinating to me how heat, some chemical reactions, and light can transform glass into beautiful artwork."


2018 Ohio State Fine Arts Exhibition - Over 2000 works of art were submitted and only 250 works pieces were chosen for the event.
- Received the "Glass Axis Award" for Vanilla and Dense White Double Drop Vase and Blue and White Double Drop Vase

2019 Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition - Over 600 artists and 2,056 works were submitted and of the artists 242 were selected and 357 works were selected for the event.
- Received the "Glass Axis Award" for Black and White Drop Vase