Kerri O'Connor

Kerri O'Connor specializes in made-by-hands, artisan jewelry. It is her passion to create captivating jewelry for you that is alluring, versatile, and vibrant - talismans or amulets for you to wear throughout your day. This energy will be passed on to YOU, the wearer. Why?  If you are happy, you will naturally spread it like wild-fire to everyone around you. And then they will feel good too!Her jewelry is a pure joy to wear. She uses captivating, natural gemstones, lustrous sterling and fine silver, gold-filled and copper metals in her designs. Why? Historically precious stones and metals have been used to embue leaders with strength, courage, will and other positive qualities. And in today's terms, precious metals and gemstones are eco-friendly. They are healthy, naturally beautiful, and feel wonderful against your skin.