Kristin Morris

Kristin Morris is a ceramic/mixed media sculptor based in Columbus, Ohio.  She was born in Springfield, Ohio and as a child she was “dragged” to art shows by her artist parents and quickly realized she needed to create something to sell too! She started working with clay, which culminated in a studio art major at The College Of Wooster.  Kristin later studied illustration at The Columbus College of Art and Design.  A few years later she was awarded a masters in social work from The Ohio State University and volunteered for several years at an art studio for adults with developmental disabilities. She has also taught various art workshops.  Throughout her career Kristin has held jobs sculpting for natural history museums, haunted houses, a waterpark ride, and a costume shop.  Morris imagines the stories she wants to tell and invents ways in which she will tell them through found object sculptures, sewn dolls, and ceramic works.

She enjoys creating characters from her imagination and is drawn to the art of children’s books, fairy tales and fables, 3D illustrations, animation, film, and popular culture.  She enjoys incorporating found objects to make whimsical, yet often “creepy” otherworldly sculptures and creatures.  The question often arises “What kinds of dreams or nightmares do you have?  Her work has appeared both in print publications including “Art Doll Quarterly” magazine and The Columbus Dispatch and was featured on the television show “Broad and High” in 2019.  She currently shares a studio in the 'Chromedge' building in the Franklinton Arts District (Columbus) with other artists from Fresh A.I.R. Gallery/Studio.  Kristin continues to participate in art fairs throughout Ohio and her work has been shown in galleries throughout the Midwest including Columbus, Dayton, Cleveland, and Chicago.