Missy Perlic

Missy Perlic is an artist offering beautiful glass with a lot of class. Her fused glass art pieces can be fun and frivolous or pretty and practical. Sometimes, they are all of that and much more.

Missy says "My work comes to me as visions inside my head. Some pieces appear to me as items designed simply to add beauty and sparkle to their setting. Others are imagined as stunning items which are both functional and lovely to look at".

She adds, "I am fascinated by the play of light on glass, and I am continuously looking for ways to maximize that effect. Bits of dichroic glass, iridescent glass, metal inclusions, and crystal beads add elements that glow and shine. I invite people to place my work in the light and observe it from all perspectives to see the amazing qualities of the light reflected off and transmitted through the glass!"

Each piece of Missy's artwork is unique. Perhaps there is an item that will bring beauty and light into your life.