Mollie Chounard

Mollie Chounard is a modern fantasy and surreal painter from St. Louis, MO. She toes the line somewhere between illustration and fine art. She creates whimsical art that is full of color and life. Whether she's painting a pet portrait, floral, landscape, or pop culture piece she loves to hide lots of cool personal details that are meant to provoke thought or tell a story. 

Mollie says "I think I have a pretty good sense of humor, so if you have an ‘ah ha’ moment and crack up laughing – don’t be alarmed - it’s perfectly normal and encouraged! There are some pieces that you might need to look at closely in order to glean its secrets, but that’s half the fun, so don’t give up."

You can find Chounard traveling around the country doing art fairs, exhibitions, and the occasional workshop. Her work is located in galleries throughout the United States.