Naava Naslavsky

Naava Naslavsky is a mixed media artist that
works with paper maché, recycled materials and objects to creatue comical sculptures. Naava has two concomitant passions that together make her whole and happy: science & art. In her "real life" she is a scientist, a cell biologist, conducting biomedical research at the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha, NE.  She creates her sculptures out of her humble 'home-studio', a former dining room which she has transformed into a small creativity-domain. Naslavsky's sculptures are ALL funny, whimsical and full of humor. Nava says "I love the combination of humor and art - they make such a nice 'duo' that brings a smile to almost everyone! Paper-maché is the "master acrobat" when it comes to versatility of media: it is free and wild, and on top of that, can acquire vibrant colors."

In the process of making her paper-maché sculptures she uses her recycled and found objects, re-purposing them into new shapes, that completely differ from their original look and use. For example, the pipettes that she routinely uses in the lab, are transformed into the long-legs of some of her whimsical sculptures, the scientific articles ('papers') that she reads and writes are shredded and become her raw material. She then paints and glazes her sculptures after they're finished to protect them and give them a lustrous finish.

Naava's work can be found in galleries throughout the United States.