Olga Soloveva

Olga Soloveva started her journey into the world of art and glass with Tiffany techniques of stained glass in 2019. She compounded her love of fine art and her personal experience with oil and acrylic painting on canvas in an amazing universe of molten glass.

Her creations are fired at 1400 F inside a kiln for more than 7 hours. The result: handcrafted, superlative fashion jewelry with an eclectic, colorful image. That gave birth to a new course in her life and craftsmanship. She embodies her craftsmanship in the form of designer crystal pieces, accessible to anyone who admires contemporary art. Olga Soloveva’s collection has something for everyone: colorful and eye-catching pendants, bright rings, charming earrings, and leather bracelets that can become a personal party for their wearer.