Shannon Timura

Shannon Marie's Photo
Shannon Timura specializes in creating unique products for your home or office. Shannon says "personifying everything comes naturally to me - I love infusing life into inanimate objects, personifying the elements of nature, vegetables, mushrooms, blocks of wood - it’s my special form of magic!"

Shannon is a full time mixed-media artist, specializing in small sculptures and paper collages, as well large scale public art work for brands, cities and events. In fact, she was featured in Oprah's O Magazine as a Fearless Female Artist in 2018!

Shannon spends a lot of time in the woods. Trail running, hiking, meandering....any excuse to be amongst the trees. She is the former art director of a performing arts school / set designer / art teacher / professional window dresser.

Shannon adds "my pieces are all one of kind and created with love!  They make great gifts for those hard to buy for individuals in your life who value their own uniqueness. Everything I make has an element of whimsy to it. I aim to make things that allow adults to remember the kid in themselves and find the wonder in life again."