Sumiko Takada

Sumiko Takada has been pushing the boundaries of clay's capabilities for over two decades. She has studied in Japan with mastering artisans Yasunori Nishio and Jun Terada and honed her technique in the US at Worthington Community Center and Columbus College of Art & Design.

Her diverse range of materials was showcased to articulation at "Patterns in Clay: Two Approaches," an exhibition at Canton Museum of Art, as well as the sad red cylindrical pieces in "2016 Ohio State Fair Fine Arts Exhibition" where Sumiko received coveted recognition that sparkled through an award from Ohio Arts Council; and not to forget the wondrous minimalistic explosions showcased "Building" at Fitton Center for the Arts, presenting us a sense of marriage between tradition interpretations and exploratory techniques.

This featured artist crafts stoneware formations pushed to their limit in oxidation conductors heated to cone 5. What stretches their outlook further is her perfected meticulously inlaid creations, which are therapeutically manipulated first by carving details on ware surfaces, filling internally prepared pockets with colored eye-attracting slips, and finally, removal of access slips, all scratch-made near artists fingertips set against controlled glazing operations led by leading character's proprietary concoctions!