Thomas Manuszak

From Engineering to Art

From an early age, I have pursued both art and science with a passion. Music, Engineering, Art and Cooking have all played a role in my life and reflects in my designs.

With the engineering background and a love of the arts, my vision is to create function and beautiful tools for everyday use. My products fall into 2 categories: functional pottery and engineered pottery tools.

Our functional wares are all intended for everyday use and to bring a sense of beauty, humor and peace to your day. We are always open to commission work and would love to provide you with a personalized item or items that you can cherish and use. Wares include less than normal items such as butter bells, coffee pour overs, Loose leaf tea sets, etc. We are always open to new ideas and wares.

Our Pottery tools are 3d printed (the majority) and are designed to provide the ability to do pottery and other arts even for children and elderly who may have strength and mobility issues. Our clay shove, wire tool, etc. are all designed to make the process of making pottery more accessible and more pleasant. Although I don't suffer from mobility issues currently, I still use these tools to make life easier, to save my hands and wrists from long term damage, and enhance my pottery making. I hope that these tools can do the same for others!