Yvonne Roche

I have always been drawn to a more holistic and natural way of taking care of myself. As a kid I would run to our Aloe Vera plant break off a piece to rub over a new burn, drink chamomile tea with my mom whenever I had an upset stomach, and slept with a lavender satchel under my pillow the night before tests.  I even worked as a bookkeeper in an aromatherapy shop so I could take advantage of the employee discounts.

A few years ago, I found my love for Crystals of all shapes/sizes and types, which has guided me to my purpose – take my passion for holistic ways to help others. To prepare myself I completed a certification for Crystal Healing and Aromatherapy and trained to become a Traditional Usui Reiki Master.

The overwhelming love, and peacefulness I feel with the synergies of these modalities has so positively impacted my life, that I wanted to see if I could help anyone else out there that find themselves on the top of a big ole bump in the road like I did.

Each of my meditation platforms start with personally selecting a raw crystal which is then hand polished for a custom fit that is comfortable to hold. Afterwards, I instinctively choose the hardwood base from a selection that includes exotic woods. The hardwood is either sanded and finished with linseed oil, resin, or polyurethane. Some I hand carve out rivers and fill with resin. Most platforms include a crafted wire bonsai tree that compliments the overall aesthetic. The finishing touch is the felt that is cut to the base shape for the bottom of the platform to prevent scratching in its’ final setting.

The totality is a unique meditation platform, or a unique piece of artwork, which is waiting for that one person ​whose journey will find its ‘way to me. I encourage you to hold any of these crystals in your hand and feel its vibrations and read the card that comes with each piece that explains the metaphysical properties of each piece.